Ikona - proces inwestycyjny

The investement process

For many years, we have been providing comprehensive legal services related to servicing the investment process in compliance with the Construction Law, the Act on Spatial Management, and the Act on Immovable Property Management. The scope of consultancy includes: legal activities relating to the legal status of real estate, analysis of possibilities for the development of a real estate, including transformation of real estate designation, and taking actions related to granting relevant administrative permits, e.g. building permits (or the so-called alternative permit), zoning decisions (the so-called WZ), integrated permits, restoration recommendations, use permits, etc. We have extensive experience in the effective pursuing of clients rights by protection of investments as regards incorrect activities undertaken by local authorities, in particular relating to the study of conditions and directions of spatial development, or local spatial development plans.

A special area of the Law Firm’s activity is the support of investments related to housing, renewable and conventional energy, including those in the regime of environmental law. In disputes before common courts, we represent both developers, subcontractors and tenants (buyers of premises). Some of the lawyers of the law office gained experience in working in courts in both civil, commercial and criminal departments.

Ikona - postępowanie administracyjne i sądowo-administracyjne

Administrative and court-administrative proceedings

Our extensive experience, including work in administrative courts and knowledge of the realities of the functioning of public administration bodies and common courts allow us to create the best strategies for action as part of the services of legal representation.

We have special competences in the scope of drawing up cassation complaints to the Supreme Administrative Court, both in investment and construction matters, environmental matters, EU funds, as well as other jurisdictions within the jurisdiction of the administrative system.

Ikona - technologie informatyczne

IT Technologies

Our services in the field of information technologies focus on five key thematic areas:

New Technologies

We advise to entities which create and distribute multimedia materials on the Internet. We render services to portals and websites, which use electronic communication methods and charge electronic payments for services provided. Our client-oriented approach helps our clients to create business models in accordance with legal regulations in force and in order to best optimize the cost of projects. Moreover, we support start-ups in effective entering the competitive market of new technologies. We provide advice on Web 2.0. enterprises, Cloud computing services.

Legal Protection of Information

We provide legal assistance to data administrators on legally protected information, including personal data, professional secrets (as well as telecommunications, banking and insurance secrets), business secrets, economic information, etc.

We have several years of experience in the search for effective organizational and legal solutions that ensure the legal collection and processing of data subject to legal protection, and from 2018 also taking into account the requirements of the GDPR. To this end, we carry out audits resulting in the creation of appropriate legal documentation and recommend further remedial actions for administrators (data protection inspectors – IODs, information security administrators, decision makers).

Electronic Administration

We support public entities, at government and local government levels, in investments concerningforming the so-called e-offices. Legal services in this area relate in particular to the pre-implementation analysis (feasibility studies, concepts of solutions supporting the office ) in terms of legal requirements for IT solutions used in this units. We advise, inter alia, with regard to the application of the Act on Computerisation for bodies pursuing public tasks, the Act on electronic signature, and other specific regulations.

Electronic Commerce

Advice on e-commerce includes issues on concluding contracts online, the use of an electronic signature, the use of electronic payment instruments, consumer protection, e-transaction taxes.

Intellectual Property

We advise entities on the effective protection of modern IT solutions (including computer programs, technological standards) and all other activities that are under intellectual property protection. The scope of consultancy includes inter alia: creating and analyzing of various licensing models of copyright and patent rights (ownership models, open-source models or derivative models); We also advice on the conclusion of other copyright agreements (contracts for publishing, contracts for dissemination of television programmes etc. ).


IT public procurement

We assist ordering parties (the public finance sector units) in preparing tender documentation, with particular regard to the specification of essential conditions of the contract (SIWZ), the description of the object of the contract (OPZ), and contract essential provisions (IPU, standard forms of contracts), which are appropriate to IT public procurement, e.g. with regard to purchase and implementation of dedicated IT systems (software) or standard IT systems (COTS – Commercial of-the-shelf ), or support services in the management of IT projects (according to the methodology of the PRINCE,…), etc.

We have counseled contractors in tender procedures, while helping in complying with conditions for participation in the proceedings, meeting tender evaluation criteria. We supported in drawing up the appropriate tenders and advised at the stage of the performance of a contract (implementation, service and maintenance contracts ). We often issued legal opinions on IT public contracts. We also counseled and represented contractors at the stage of appeal proceedings.